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Praying for Salvation

January 14, 2011

“Brothers and sisters, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.” (Rom. 10:1)

Paul’s earnest prayer was for the salvation of his people according to the flesh.  If you are like me, you too have loved ones (friends and family members according to the flesh) whom you desire to come to know Christ in faith and repentance.  It is some of the most agonizing and often fruitless seeming prayers.  I have prayed for my brothers and sisters for years, and have not been blessed with the fruit of their faith in Christ.  I have often found myself discouraged and at times unable, or better yet, unwilling to pray because it just seems so hopeless.

For example, I have a brother in prison (actually two – but one has been there almost 15 years serving a life sentence).  I have had continual interaction with him and have even constructed a blog where I post his musings and insights (see Banging it Out).  I have prayed for him and have asked him in several occasions about the state of his soul and his relationship with God in general and Christ in particular.  While his is not as recalcitrant as some of my other brothers, he remains unmoved by the truth of Christ and the need for his repentance and trust in Him.

I must confess that I have not prayed for him lately.  It surely has more to do with my unbelief and selfishness than anything else.  Admittedly, corresponding with him can be frustrating and tedious. Yet the call to pray remains.  And the earnest desire for him to be saved must be rekindled.  Indeed it is.  I am going to send him a letter this week expressing my desire for his soul.  But more importantly I am going to pray for him today.  Would you pray for him as well?

Today a friend sent to me these challenging and encouraging words from Charles Spurgeon. Perhaps if you have been less than diligent in praying for your unsaved friends and family, these words will encourage you and remind you that now is the time.  The God who saved you is more than able to save all those for whom we pray.  Paul believed it.  We should too.

Art thou praying for some beloved one? Oh, give not up thy prayers, for Christ is “mighty to save.” You are powerless to reclaim the rebel, but your Lord is Almighty. Lay hold on that mighty arm, and rouse it to put forth its strength. Does your own case trouble you? Fear not, for his strength is sufficient for you. Whether to begin with others, or to carry on the work in you, Jesus is “mighty to save;” the best proof of which lies in the fact that he has saved you. What a thousand mercies that you have not found him mighty to destroy! (Spurgeon: Morning and Evening)

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  1. BJ permalink*
    January 14, 2011 3:32 pm

    Praying with you today brother for your brother! Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Donald permalink
    January 14, 2011 4:11 pm

    Indeed a reminder, I as well have left off praying for my family! Thank you for your transparency. Glad to see you back blogging sir!

  3. Crystal permalink
    January 15, 2011 2:26 am

    I can fully understand where your coming from, I have often found myself almost in tears about some of my family members not taking that step towards Christ. I recently lost one of my cousins, he was murdered by our own family members and I heard everyone around saying that he is in a better place??? I know they were just saying that for comfort toward his mother because I know that he was not saved. I have family members who don’t even believe in God; and when I think about the place that they are going if they don’t choose Christ it brings me to tears sometimes. Then I get to that place that you stated where I am feeling as if I am not going to keep praying for this and that person, for me it was like I wanted to see a reaction, when I wanted to see it, I wanted to share the Gospel with my family and I thought that once they heard this awesome truth that they were going to cry and turn away from what they were doing and turn to Christ, and when I didn’t see that reaction I became upset, like I was doing something wrong why isn’t this working lol! and at times I still feel that way. But in those moments I remember how I use to before I was saved and think about all the people who told me about Christ and probably cried and prayed that I would seek salvation but it happened maybe not when they wanted it to happen but when God wanted it to.

    -Thanks for sharing and great job on the blog!!!

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