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Church Foreclosures

February 2, 2011

While some of these places shouldn’t be referred to as churches, it is nonetheless a sad day when churches are closed due to foreclosures.  A recent NPR story unfortunately began, “The Lord giveth, the bank taketh away.” The story reported that in 2006 only 2 churches were foreclosed.  In 2010 the number was 96.

In a recent article that appeared in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, it was reported that the number of churches facing foreclosure in metro Atlanta is on the rise.  According to the article: “Of the 113 churches currently listed for sale in metro Atlanta, at least 33 are foreclosures or churches in serious financial trouble.”

Churches facing foreclosure is not something over which to rejoice. For many these are hard economic times. Yes, we understand that some brought this trouble upon themselves. Indeed, some of them are in trouble because they over-extended and speculated. They confused being faithful to the kingdom with being successful in the world. Nevertheless, we also understand that except for the grace of God there we would be as well.

As I read the stories, I asked myself whether or not if I had been in those churches if I would have counseled them to do any different. Maybe not.

My prayer today is that we would keep the main thing the main thing and that we would desire biblical faithfulness over worldly success.

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