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18 Days and Counting

February 11, 2011

Eighteen days in Tahrir Square and alas Mubarak is still there! “ If for no other reason, I wish Mubarak would leave so I can stop hearing his name every time I turn on the radio.  18 days ago if you had asked me who the President of Egypt was, I would have said Pharaoh.  Today, I hear the name Hosni Mubarak in my sleep (it may be because I wake up to the radio – but still).

Please Lord, send a Moses to tell Mubarak, “Let these people go.”  Still, one thing we learn from history is that absolute power rarely relinquishes itself without a fight.  So let us pray for an exception in this case.  Let us pray for a peaceful resolution and for freedom to reign in the place where our fathers, Jacob and Joseph, once gladly called home.

UPDATE:  Mubarak has stepped down! Let’s pray for the safety of our brothers and sisters in Egypt and the prosperity of the gospel!

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