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Q and A with MacArthur

February 12, 2011

Tim Challies has a rather interesting post with some Questions and Answers with John MacArthur (part 1 and part 2).    I have always admired John’s willingness to speak the truth, even in the presence of those whom he knew would disagree with him.  Honestly, this is not an easy thing to do.

During part 2 of the interview, Tim asked John about the two or three theological issues concerning him within evangelicalism. John mentions that he is concerned that Arminian methods are too often espoused by those who claim to be Reformed.  He challenges us to have a methodology that is consistent with our soteriology. Here is part of John’s response.

A third major issue that I see is the Arminian methodology that seems to characterize many in the Young Restless Reformed crowd in contradiction to their Reformed credo.  It is sadly ironic to me that those who claim to hold to a Reformed soteriology would simultaneously embrace ecclesiological and evangelistic methods that depend so heavily on current fashion, clever techniques, and human ingenuity. When pastors work so hard to be “cool” or “hip” or “trendy,” thinking that the way they talk or dress will make the gospel message more appealing to the lost, they betray an intrinsically Arminian perspective. Words like “relevance,” “innovation,” and “contextualization” have become buzzwords, even in Reformed circles, for reaching the “unchurched.” But these words expose a man-centered perspective that, I believe, is completely unbiblical.

Perhaps John, those who claim to be “young, restless, and reformed” are only so because it is the “cool, hip, or trendy” thing to do.

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