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Putting the “Spy” in Spyglass

February 14, 2011

Ok.  You don’t have to be a fan or player of golf to get a kick out of this story.  This past weekend the PGA Tour held a golf tournament at the famed (and expensive, I might add) Pebble Beach Golf Links.  One of the courses used during the tournament is called Spyglass Hill.  Spyglass is appropriate because there was an incident at the course that calls to mind Sherlock Holmes.  The incident involved tour pro Kris Blanks, his caddie A.J. Eathorne, and a security guard.  The true story unfolded like this:

Prior to his opening round at Spyglass, Blanks used the facilities in the locker room, but a few minutes later realized he had left his cellular phone inside. Already warming up on the driving range, he sent his caddie, A.J. Eathorne, inside for the phone — only to find out it was gone.

So before they teed off, Blanks and Eathorne went to the pro shop to report the missing phone. It was then that the story really got strange.

Blanks had the idea for his caddie to call the phone. When she did, he heard his ringtone — the Jamie Foxx anthem “Winner,” featuring Justin Timberlake and T.I., if you must know — playing in the front of the shop. When he realized it was emanating from a security guard, he questioned whether the employee had the phone.

The security guard assured him that he simply had the same ringtone. So Blanks had Eathorne call the phone again — and again it started ringing. It was then that the man fessed up, pulling the purloined phone from his sock and handing it over to the pro.

That’s some pretty good sleuthing by Blanks, putting the “spy” in Spyglass before posting a first-round 2-under 70 on the course.


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  1. February 14, 2011 3:20 pm

    Okay, I can tell, golf season is starting up.

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