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What We’re Reading

February 21, 2011

Over at East Point Church website, we have a page entitled What We’re Reading.  There you will a few people from the church who have agreed to post what books they are currently reading.  It is encouraging to know that the body is reading, and reading widely.  Some of the more interesting titles you will find on the list are:  The Contested Public Square; Many Colors; The Magic Never Ends; and Worship Evangelism to name a few.  Check out faces and the books.

Currently my list includes:

Decision Points by George Bush.  This is the presidential memoirs (of sorts) of former President George W. Bush.  Well written in an engaging and moving format.  It came highly recommended and I have found it both informative and enlightening.  Whatever you thought about Bush (I tend to give Presidents the benefit of the doubt because they have a nearly impossible job), this book will give you new perspective on the man and his time in White House.  It will probably confirm some opinions you have of him, but it will definitely change some as well.

The Secret of Contentment by William Barcley.  Just started this one today.  It promises to be a fresh (though not altogether new) look at the all important Christian virtue of contentment.  Taking his cues from the puritan works on the same subject by Jeremiah Burroughs (The Rare Jewel of Contentment) and Thomas Watson (The Art of Divine Contentment), Barcley seeks to modernize their material while adding some of his own insights from Philippians.  It was J.C. Ryle who said, “Two things are said to be very rare sights in the world – one is a young man humble, and the other is an old man content.” I resemble those remarks.

Amish Way by Donald Kraybill, Steven Nolt, and David Weaver-Zercher.  I am slowly plodding my way through this interesting read.  It sits on my nightstand and gets picked up too infrequently, but when it does it is both engaging and thought-provoking.  Slow is good.  I am not sure how long it will take me to get through this one, but no hurries and no worries.  We’ll make it sooner or later.

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