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That’s What I Love About Sunday

March 6, 2011

No matter how many times I experience it, it seems every time is sweeter than before.  I am talking about the anticipation I have for Sunday after a long and tiring week.

And this has been a particularly tiring and burdensome week.  I was coming off of a bout with a cold the previous week.  My body has been trying to catch up with me and it seems it has been a step behind all week.  My spirit has been a little weary also.  And though I have sought to fight through it, it has not been the most joyous of weeks.

I just returned from a weekend Pray and Plan with the elders of East Point Church, and though I was encouraged by their encouragements and our time together, rest has been allusive.  Consequently, the sermon prep has taken a little longer than normal, and has cut into the time I normally try to spend with the family.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying all this to say, “Woe is me.”  On the contrary.  I say it give praise to God for his grace and strength when I am weak. Despite my minuscule trials and difficulties, God has seen fit to bless me and made it possible for me to accomplish all I need to get accomplished.  And He has graciously but in my heart a yearning for the fellowship of the saints on tomorrow.

Whenever, my heart is a little weak and my body weary, God seems to graciously whisper in my ear, “Take courage, my son, Sunday is coming.”

Oh, what beautiful words those are to my soul.  No matter what is going on in my day or week, I can look up and know that Sunday is coming.  Sunday is not just a day of rest, but to me it is also a spiritual reset button.  It is God reminding me that his promises have not failed.  If I would just make it out to the place where the saints are gathered in praise, He will meet me there.  He will feed my soul with bread from heaven.  I will once again be allowed to taste and see just how good he is!

Just as my man Craig Morgan said, “That’s What I Love About Sunday!”

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