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Grace in the “Re’s” of Life

March 21, 2011

As we come to the end of our time in Judges, we are once again reminded of the grace of God.  In Judges, Israel had done its best to self-destruct and give God every reason to abandon them to their sins.  And yet, when it was all said and done, God’s faithfulness stole the show.  Rather than condemn them for their sins, God moves in grace and remembers his covenant.  Daniel Block writes:  “Because of His grace the nation of Israel does indeed emerge more or less intact from the dark days of the governors/judges.”

Indeed, Israel is still a nation.  They are still the people of God – the recipients of his grace and mercy.  This is illustrated by Judges 21:23 where it says, “…Then they went and returned to the inheritance and rebuilt the towns and lived in them.” God allowed them to return and to rebuild.  In reading this I am reminded that nothing says the grace of God like the “re’s” of life.  Consider a few:

Return:  Like the prodigal son, grace says that we can return to our Father and find him overjoyed to accept us (Lk. 15:20).

Recover:  Though poisoned with sin and even sick unto death, God’s grace is recovery for the soul (Mk. 16:18)

Restore: Grace is God restoring the years the locusts have consumed (Joel 2:25).

Reclaim: Grace is the reclamation of the inheritance among the saints that has always been ours (Col. 1:12).

Rebuild:  Like Nehemiah, grace is the favor of God that allows us rebuilds the walls which our sin and disobedience have torn down (Neh. 2:5).

Reconcile:  Grace is God reconciling us to him and then to each other (2Cor. 5:18).

Revive: Grace is God reviving our down cast spirits and causing us to rejoice again (Ps. 85:6).

Repay: Grace is God not dealing with us according to our sins or repaying us according to our sins (Ps. 103:10).

Remember:  Grace is remembering that we were once slaves to sin but have been redeemed by the Lord our God (Dt. 15:15).

Repent:  Grace is our Lord and God granting unto us repentance leading to the truth of salvation (2Tim. 2:25).

It should be easy to see why few things say “the grace of God” like the “re’s” of life.

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