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Love: The Watermark of Christianity

April 11, 2011

Recently we began a new series of sermons on Love from 1Cor. 13:1-8. We entitled the series, Love: The Watermark of Christianity, because like the watermark on much of our US currency, love distinguishes true Christian from the false. It separates the genuine product from the counterfeit.  Without the watermark your $20 bill isn’t worth 20 cents.  So also, without love our Christianity is not worth the time it takes to say, “I’m a Christian.”

Love is single greatest virtue God’s people can demonstrate and maintain. There is no higher command, no loftier goal, no greater motivation, no more glorious pursuit, no more precious gift, and no more Christ-reflecting and sin-conquering virtue than love.

It is reason we are Christians (Rom. 5:8); it is reason we remain Christian (Rom. 8:35); it is the reason we live Christian lives (2Cor. 5:14).  Love is at the foundation of our faith and without it we have no faith. In fact, without love the Bible reminds us everything is futile, useless, empty, vanity of vanities, all is vanity.

1Cor. 13 is arguably the most well-known and yet least fulfilled passage of Scripture. And the more I study it, the more I know personally this is true.  Consequently, it is my desire that through these messages we will see freshly the amazing love of God. I pray it will move us to love Him by loving each other more. I pray these messages will begin to change us. They already have begun to challenge me.

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