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Tuesday Prayer

April 12, 2011

Holy Father of Love,
I thank you that your love is not as my love. I have seen the darkness, the obsession I have had with unloving thoughts and deeds. I seek my vindication, not only publically, but privately, even in prayers. I seek myself, not you. Father, I repent of my insistence on being right, on being consistent in my own brain to the neglect of being consistent with you and acknowledging my utter lack of consistence with you and your word. You have born with me mercifully, in everlasting, steadfast, patient love. Your love is demonstrated in the extreme humility of the cross, in your willingness not only to be wronged, but to be wronged more than anyone or anything in all of the universe’s history. When I recoil in anger and pride at the slightest insult, you, the Creator, allow yourself to be spit upon by your own creation. You gave your son to be rejected by men and suffered the wrath of the Father for sins that were not his. He was absolutely innocent, yet you gave him to be put to death by those who were absolutely guilty.

In a strange way, my guilt was both compounded and absolved at the cross. It was compounded in that I very specifically participated in the crucifixion of my own Savior. My sins were laid upon him, and my guilty hands have slain him. Yet, when I come to Jesus at the cross, I get not the condemnation I deserve. No, in certainly the most glorious paradox in all of life, after I crucified my Savior, he gave me not wrath, but his righteousness. I had nothing but sin to give, and sin I certainly gave. Yet, when I come to the cross and look in the face of the Savior, he absolves me of my sin and calls me friend. You, Father now call me son.

Lord, grant me constant repentance, that I may not sin against you. Lord, grant me greater faith, that I might believe your promises. You have forgiven me for Christ’s sake and demonstrated your love in the giving of your Son. May I look not on my own toes that are being stepped upon when it was my Savior’s hands that were pierced. Your Spirit has been poured into me to empower me to love. May the love that I have been given overflow in patience and love for those around me.

In light of the Savior’s love, Amen.

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