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W.O.W (Women of the Word)

April 18, 2011

The past weekend the ladies of East Point Church sponsored their first Women’s Retreat entitled, “If the Shoe Fits…Are You Walking in It?”  While I was not there (which is probably a good thing), the reports I have been hearing from every quarter is “Wow!”  Everyone is speaking of what an encouraging, uplifting, challenging, and intensely edifying time they had in Gatlinburg.

When we began East Point Church, one of my prayers is that we would have a fellowship of women who were excited, not just about getting together but even more excited about learning and proclaiming the Word of God.  We prayed that God would create an atmosphere where women found learning and growing in the knowledge of Christ to be a priority for them.  The fellowship of the ladies at East Point Church has been an overwhelmingly gracious response of God to our prayers.  The fellowship is called W.O.W because not only are they seeking to be Women of the Word, but they remind us that often the only response we can have to the grace and mercy of God in answering the prayers of his sinful people is, “Wow!”

Today I am thanking God for the leadership of the elders and particularly their wives.  They were tireless in bringing this retreat to pass, and already we are reaping the fruit of their labors.  Today my heart rejoices that the ladies of East Point Church can rejoice in the Lord all the more because His grace and truth.

As the ladies were encouraged to walk out the faith they professed, might we all pray that our faith would be more than talk, but it would more importantly be a walk.  Wow!

These wonderful photos are the work of our favorite roaming EPC photo journalist Christy Norwood :).

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