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Beautiful Savior! Beautiful Day!

April 26, 2011

This past Sunday, like Christians all around the world, we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord (not that we don’t celebrate it every Sunday, but you know what I mean).  God blessed us with a beautiful day in East Point.  Not only were we able to sing the songs of triumph and victory, but we also shared in the baptisms of some of our brothers and sisters.

One of the blessed realities of being in Christ is that Christ identifies with us.  In other words, even right now in heaven Christ is saying, “These are mine.”  Sinful, broken, weak, disobedient, stiff-necked, wayward, unholy, and ungodly sinners, yet Jesus is claiming us as his own – purchased with his own blood.  We are his people, his chosen procession, and the ones given to him by the father and of which He has determined not to lose any.  This is an amazing truth.  No matter what anyone says in heaven or earth, no matter what the accusation Christ has determined that we are his and he stands with and for us. We are his!  Therefore, by God’s grace we are able to say, “He is ours!”

One of the ways in which we make this statement is as we come to the waters of baptism. In baptism we say what Christ has already said.  We tell the world that we belong to him.  This is what it means to be a Christian.  Christian literally means, “belonging to Christ.”  When a Christian is baptized, he is saying to the world, “I belong to Jesus. I identify with him.”  In other words, the spotless, sinless Savior has identified with me before the Father, and now what little thing it is for me to identify with Him before the world.  In baptism, this identification is made public. What a blessing it is to see those who have been called away from their identification with the world, and join with them as make public identification with Christ.

Below are some of the pictures from this glorious day.  See what a beautiful Savior!  See what a beautiful day!

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