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On the Church being the Church

May 12, 2011

What makes the church the church?  Is it not the gospel of Jesus Christ forming a community of disciples who love him and each other?  Is it not those who in response to the gospel desire to live it out together? Is it not the fellowship and communion of those being saved according to the gospel of Jesus Christ and thus praying and desiring the same for all? Is it not at least these things, and more? Surely, the church of Jesus Christ is the one place where the gospel is not just being proclaimed by people, but where the gospel is changing the people who proclaim it.

This is our prayer for East Point Church. We pray to be a church where the church is the church.  Admittedly, it is not easy.  Sin is ever present and often stifles growth and hinders love.  Yet, we are confident that greater than our sin is the grace of Jesus Christ, who has promised that he would build his church and no weapon, not even the gates of hell, formed against it shall prosper or prevail.

Watching this video again reminds me that the One in whom we have believed is faithful and worthy of praise.

Reflections from East Point Church on Vimeo.

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