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New Life Bible Conference: Session Two

June 25, 2011

The second evening of the conference was kicked off with a soul-stirring, hand-clapping mix of blood songs led by Sis. Evelina Thomas. The Blood Will Never Loses It’s Power…I Know It Was the Blood…Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.

Follow an encouraging time of singing, Reddit Andrews preached from Colossians 2:6-23.

Reddit began by telling the story of a church that once stood upon and preach the gospel of Christ. Yet that same church today, 25 years later, has no testimony of Christ. The gospel has been forsaken. Reddit asked, “How seemingly credible confessions give way to a shipwrecked faith? How do we keep our lives rooted in Christ?” From the text he gave three key principles to which we give our attention:

A. The Preeminence of the Word God has Spoken (2:6-9)
B. The Preeminence of the Son God has Given (2:10-15)
C. The Preeminence of the Life God has imparted to Us (2:16-23)

Instead of my life be enslaved and ordered by the principles of this world, my life ordered in and by Christ.

Preeminence of Christ in Sanctification

Thabiti preached the second message of the evening from Col. 3:1-17. Sanctification is an issue much debated by theologians. The issue usually revolve around the nature and the means of sanctification in this life. Yet the one thing that can not be debated is the necessity of sanctification. The preeminence of Christ in sanctification is seen in four ways from our text:

A. Christ Above All: Our Sanctification Begins With Beavenly-mindedness (3:1-4)
B. Christ Before All: Our Sanctification Continues with Mortification (3:5-6)
C. Christ Upon All: Our Sanctification Produes Godly Virtue (3:7-14)
D. Christ In All: Our Sanctification Requires Membership in the Local Church (3:15-17)

The call for us is to pursue holiness in Christ grounded in the holiness Christ has already accomplished for us.

There’s something on the inside working on the outside.

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