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Honor God (“You can act like a man!”)

August 17, 2011

Honor is giving reverence and respect due to a person, thing, or idea.  It is showing the worth of the object by expressing deference to it and esteem for it.  Men are to be honorable at all times.  This means that we are to give honor where honor is due.  And no where is it more appropriate than when it comes to God.  In our series on “You can act like a man”, we will use the word and idea of honor to demonstrate what biblical masculinity is to be.  We begin where all true knowledge begins, namely with God.  We assert that we act like men when we strive at all times to Honor God.

Honor is an idea that has gone the way of the dinosaur in many opinions.  And yet, if we look intently enough we find it everywhere. Everyone honors something.  From the queen of England to the homeless criminal on the streets of Atlanta, believe it or not there is an honor that keeps sanity in their respective society no matter how functional or dysfunctional it may be.  The problem is not getting men to display honor, as much as it is to get them to honor the right things.  True honor for the man of God begins with knowing that he was created for the purpose of honoring God.

To teach men about God is to teach them to fear him.  Knowing God is fearing God.  It is to understand that we live our lives at every moment coram deo (before the face of God).  This, the Bible reminds us, is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding (Pro. 9:10; Ps. 111:10).  It is knowing that God delights not in what we say with our mouths as much as he delights in what is true with our hearts.  Fearing God is honoring God.  It is knowing that our lives are open at all times for him to see and thus to judge (Heb. 4:13).  Therefore, we act like men in honoring God and acknowledging that whatever I am called to do, I do it wholeheartedly, not as if I am doing it for men, but as if I am doing it for God (Col. 3:17, 22-23), because I am.

The popular bumper sticker reads:  Real Men Love Jesus.  Indeed, those who seek to honor God, come to understand that there is no honoring of God without honoring the One whom he has sent.  Jesus Christ is the one to whom all honor and glory is due (Rev. 4:11; 21:26).  Real men honor God in the integrity of their lives because real men love Jesus.  A love for Jesus overflows into a life lived in the delight of coram deo.  And those who honor Christ, God promises he will likewise honor them (2Chron. 16:9; 1Sam. 2:30).

What can you do?  You can act like a man and honor Christ.

Tomorrow:  Honor Your Parents


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