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Considering Sin

September 7, 2011

Let us fight sin.  Let us strive to mortify the flesh.  Let us never grow comfortable with our lack of sanctification in or satisfaction with Christ.  Let us continually move forward in our faith, forgetting those things that lay behind us and press toward the high calling of maturity in Christ.  Let us earnestly pray to live lives worthy of our calling, bearing fruit in every good work and seeking above all to please the Lord who has redeemed us.  Let us be killing sin.

And yet, let our awareness of our sin be a reminder to us that we belong to Christ.  Let our dissatisfaction with our failures remind us that our hearts and affections have been changed.  Let our seemingly lack of progress in sanctification not only remind us of how far we yet have to go, but also of how far we have come.  Let us see our sin as a bad thing; but also let us see that our ability to even see our sin is a good thing.  Satan would have us to grieve over our sin and have it move us away from God.  Let us grieve over our sin and have it move us toward God.

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