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Lessons from Jobs

October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, the co-founder and face of Apple Computers, died yesterday.  Arguably, no one entrepreneur has touched our lives in the last 50 years like Jobs has.  I am currently typing this post on an MacBook with my iPhone at my side.  Jobs’ singular vision of great technology made to be simple, easy, and fun has literally revolutionized our world (not to mention his contributions to Pixar – which is another (Toy) story altogether).  Today, the legacy of Steve Jobs is all over the news and the internet (see timeline of his work).  People and corporations the world over are paying tribute to the mind and the man.  For me the life and death of Steve Jobs reminds me of two important truths:

1.  Human ingenuity is seemingly inexhaustible.  Just when we thought humanity has created the most fascinating and groundbreaking toys, gadgets, and electronic gizmos, someone comes up with something that raises the bar.  Jobs was good for that.  From the iMac, to the iPod, to the iPhone, to the iPad, when Jobs and Apple rolled out their latest invention everyone (even rival companies) stopped and marveled.  Jobs was a living testimony to the fact that there is a seemingly inexhaustible reservoir of human creativity and ingenuity.  The amazing thing is that perhaps we have only tipped the iceberg.  What toys are yet to be created?  Jobs surely gave us his more than fair share.

2.  He who dies with the most toys, still dies. With Jobs being remembered today for his ingenuity, the stark reality is that neither his genius nor money could beat back the ravages of cancer.  For all of the inventions and advancements humanity has devised, the reality of death and life after soon hits everyone.  Jobs had a knack for making life a little more easy for us all, but in the end his life, like the rest of ours, gave way to the inevitable consequences of sin – death.  Today I am reminded that death is the common denominator for us all. Technology can not save from death.  Money can not save.  Only Jesus Christ can save.

Steve Jobs and Apple are powerful names in our world today.  However even more powerful is the name of Jesus.  For His name is the only name “under heaven given among men by which we must be saved” (Acts 4:12).

We can give praise to God for the common grace he gave Steve Jobs and how well Jobs used it for his own and our benefit.  However, it should also remind us that ingenuity and gifts are not enough.  We must have faith in Christ, if death is not to conquer us.  We must have not just common grace, but the saving grace that comes through faith alone, in Christ alone.

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