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Worship: I Wanna Be Like Christ (Sound Worship Series)

October 26, 2011

Someone has said, “Worship is transformative: we become like what we worship” (see Ps.115:8).  Indeed a young girl who greatly admires her mother will undoubtedly find herself mirroring much of who her mother is.  A boy who idolizes his father will invariably discover himself growing up to be just like his dad.  This happens so often that we are tempted to say that it is inevitable.

If worship truly is transformative and we are made over into the image of the one we worship, how important is it for the Christian to worship God and worship him rightly.  God is transforming us.  According to the Scriptures, He is conforming us into the image of Jesus Christ (Rom. 8:29).  An indispensable element in this transformation process is our worship of Him.  As we grow to worship God more and more, and as we are led to worship him better and better, we are being made over into the image of the one we worship.  This is why it is crucial that Christ is in every way set before God’s people as the goal, the ideal, the one who is to be worshiped, idolized, and adored.

“I wanna me like Mike!” was the song sung by every kid on the playground.  “I dream I move; I dream I groove like Mike – if I could be like Mike.” As far was we were concerned, Michael Jordan was the first American Idol.  Well, apparently some dreams do not come true.  I have yet to see the kid who grew up to be like Mike.  However, for the Christian, the goal is not Mike.  The goal is Christ.  Our song should be, “I wanna be like Christ.  I can’t wait to be like Christ!”  We had no real hopes or promises of becoming like Mike.  But all Christians have the firm hope and the sure promise of becoming like Christ.  As the Bible says:  “And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another” (2Cor. 3:18).

Who are you becoming?  Who are you worshiping today? At the Sound Worship Conference Series we will seek to be reminded once again that there is no one to worship but Jesus.  There is no one to idolize but Christ.  There is no greater desire than to become like Him.  Won’t you come and join us?  Look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. BJ permalink*
    October 27, 2011 1:45 am

    AJC…This post reminded me of this song…

  2. ajcarter permalink*
    October 27, 2011 2:10 am


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