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Too Hot To Handel

December 22, 2011

One of the greatest achievements in musical history is George Frideric Handel’s The Messiah.  Is Christmas ever really Christmas without hearing at least one rendition of The Messiah? And without a doubt, it contains one of the most recognizable and memorable musical movements ever penned, namely The Hallelujah Chorus.

A recent popular rendition of the Handel’s masterpiece is the gospel-music inspired Too Hot To Handel.  Surely the purest won’t approve.  And if someone did this to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, I am sure I would have to voice my displeasure as well.  Nevertheless, I must admit that Handel’s Messiah lends itself well to various interpretations, and Too Hot To Handel is a pretty good one.

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  1. Louis permalink
    December 22, 2011 11:39 pm

    Yeah Bruh:
    That’s the way I feel when I hear Mary J. Blige attempt one of Chaka Khan’s classics. With one exception; Mary needs to let Chaka’s stuff alone, they ain’t even in the same league, not even close. Although she does sound pretty good on this one:

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