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What a Fellowship…!

January 14, 2012

Last evening, the saints of East Point Church got together over at the home of Jeremy and Christy for another Hymn Sing.  It was a blessed time of fellowship and community building. We had dear pastor friends from near (Robert Benson, and his wife Winnie), and from far (Louis Love) join in with us. Saints raised their voices in praise to our Lord and Savior, while also singing to and with each other with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. I was reminded of the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

‎”Why do Christians sing when they are together? The reason is, quite simply, because in singing together it is possible for them to speak and pray the same Word at the same time, in other words, because here they can unite in the Word…The fact that we do not speak it but sing it only expresses the fact that our spoken words are inadequate to express what we want to say, that the burden of our song goes far beyond all human words.”

Community is a precious blessing God bestows upon his people. Singing together is one of those gifts that continues to foster and build that community up together in Christ.  Here are a few pictures that illustrate, but could never fully communicate the joy and love for Christ and each other that was shared.

John Griffin, our beloved percussionist, summed it up well:

“EPC family (and visitors)…..what a great hymn sing last night (got home at 11:50). Rich, sound lyrics, accompanied by robust singing and thoughtful musicians. Thank you for being so willing to build relationships around the worship of our Sovereign Lord and King. I even enjoyed the selections and antics that fell under the “Songs we used to do before we got our theology right” category!”

Well said, John. Anticipating a wonderful Lord’s day together, as we sing in anticipation of an eternity with our blessed Savior Jesus Christ, together.

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