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Chopping Up Perseverance

January 29, 2012

One of my favorite Ray Charles songs is Oh What a Beautiful Morning, yes what a beautiful day.  I got a beautiful feeling; everything is going my way. Today was one of those mornings. Oh how beautiful it was to greet the brothers this morning for warm food, conversation, and fellowship.

The men of East Point Church gathered together at the home of Bro. Whitlock and enjoyed the hospitality as he and his wife welcomed us graciously. The food was great, the fellowship was rich, the accommodations were welcoming, and the conversation was challenging and edifying.

Though the food was rich enough for us to make the trek out to the Whitlock’s house, the conversation enriched our time even more. I am alway encouraged to hear the men sitting around discussing the deeper things of the faith and making practical application of truths revealed to us in the Scripture. This morning we chopped up the subject, Perseverance, Preservation, and Apostasy  (a good book on the subject is Our Secure Salvation by Robert Peterson).

We discussed the life of King Saul and God’s dealing with him. We looked Hebrews 6 and what the implications of that passage are for the believer. We discussed the need for faith and repentance as being the nonnegotiables of regeneration. We were reminded of the need to encourage each other in the faith, and not take our faith or fellowship for granted (Heb. 10:24-25). Also, we are to be adding to our faith, so as to make our calling and election sure (2Pet. 1:10).  We were comforted with the words that though we are called to persevere and actively pursue a life of faith, ultimate it is God who graciously and powerfully keeps us from stumbling (Jude 24).

Yes, Mr. Charles, it was a beautiful morning! There was plenty of Son-shine both outside and inside that house this morning. Just reflecting on it is causing me to look forward to the Communion of the Saints tomorrow as we continue our mutual encouragement.  Can’t wait! O, what a day!

Don’t forget to listen to Ray Charles. I didn’t put dat link on there for nothin’ :),

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