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January Books

February 2, 2012

As we begin this new year, believe it or not, January has come and gone. Many of you have committed to reading more books this year. If you have, I pray January has gone well for you. However, if you find that you are behind your intended schedule already, don’t get discouraged. It is only January. You have 11 more months of fruitful, encouraging, and enlightening reading ahead. To encourage your efforts, here are a list of books I have read this month:

Life Together by Bonhoeffer. I really don’t believe I have ever read a book of this size that was so quotable. It seems Bonhoeffer was tweeting before tweeting was cool.

Erasing Hell by Francis Chan. As I preached on Mark 9:42-50 last week, I thought Chan’s book on hell would prove helpful.  I was right. The book is both brief and insightful; soberingly and biblically faithful. It has been added to the books I am recommending to anyone looking for a book on the biblical doctrine of hell. Also, this was the first book I ever purchased and read entirely on my iPad. Welcome to the iworld.

Our Secure Salvation: Preservation and Apostasy by Robert Peterson. This has quickly become my favorite stand-alone book on the doctrine of Preservation and Perseverance. In fact, the entire series of books, Explorations in Biblical Theology, are a definite worthwhile get.

Midnight Rising: John Brown and the Raid that Sparked the Civil War by Tony Horwitz. I am half way through this resource and I am enjoying it greatly. This is a well written book on one of the most enigmatic figures in American history, John Brown.  I hope to finish it sometime in February. There are already new books waiting to be cracked open.

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