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Happy Birthday Son!

February 28, 2012

Today Tony Jr. (also known as Tonelo :)), turned 17. Happy Birthday son! It seems like only yesterday we were kicking, throwing, and hitting balls in the back yard of our condo in Florida. I was taking a break from seminary studies, and you were taking a break from running around our small and humble dwelling. My how time flies. Since then, we have spent many days taking breaks from our schedules and finding time to shoot, hit, and throw balls. And yet, today as I reflect upon it, I see that it was not breaks at all. It has been God’s design as we have grown together. The Lord has used you to teach me what it means to be a father, and I pray he has used me in teaching you something of what it means to be a man. By his grace, our learning days are not over.

Just today, we were able to spend some time at the driving range. And as I watched you swing the club, I was again reminded, not only of how much you have grown as a young man, but how your faith has grown in Christ. My prayer for you has always been that you would know Christ above all things, and that in knowing him, you would delight to live faithfully for him. As you swung the club today, I told you I liked your swing and the sound it makes hitting the ball. Yet, I like your heart for Christ even more and the sound it makes when you speak up for him. So keep swinging and keep speaking for Jesus. A good swing won’t let you down when you need it most.  And neither will Christ!

Here are two videos for your reflection on our times together. The first one was taken over 5 years ago. You were almost twelve years old. The second was taken today as you marked your 17th birthday. I praise God I was there recording both shots. I pray God will be pleased to let me be there to record many, many more.  I know it would please me very much.  Happy Birthday!

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