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Saints and Servants

February 29, 2012

Sound Worship II is in the history books.  And the saints of God rejoiced in a blessed time of worship reflection, renewal, and replies to God’s word. The weekend seemed all too brief, yet it was full of encouragement and the communion of the saints.  In fact, just yesterday someone asked me what was the most encouraging aspect of the conference for me. Being the lead pastor of East Point Church, admittedly I might sound a bit prejudicial, but I do believe I speak sincerely when I say that the most encouraging aspect of the conference for me was seeing the saints of God wear Christ well in serving the church.  The conference and the conference attendees were well served by an army of volunteers who were full of hospitality and grace. Here are a few of the comments from the attendees:

“There were helpers all over the place to assist me!”

“Everyone was very kind and welcoming. Sessions were excellent and God centered. Snacks and meals were great. Thank you!”

“Exceeded expectations. Very well organized and completely focused on equipping the church and focused on Christ.”

“My expectations were exceeded, it was highly organized and I loved the variety of songs and speakers.”

“…the volunteers were great!”

Having just preached on Mark 10:35-45, Jesus reminded us that those who are great among us are those who serve. While it would be futile to point out all those who gave of their time, energy, and resources in order to make Sound Worship II a blessing, I would like to point out those who served those who served.

The conference did not offer child care for those who attended. However, there was child care for the volunteers. And I was most encouraged by those who volunteered to care for the children of those who volunteered. We all know how taxing it can be to care and entertain children for long periods of time. However, whenever I saw the childcare team, they were full of smiles and enthusiasm. Undoubtedly it was not all smiles, and at times it became tiring, yet they never wearied and made sure that the children of the servants enjoyed the time their mother and/or father served.

If those who serve are great, then those who serve those who serve must be greater still. So I want to say “thanks” to all those who served Sound Worship II. The saints were encouraged and welcomed. Yet, a special shout out goes to those who served the servants. You are my heroes today. The conference was special because you washed, not just the feet of saints, but also the feet of the servants.

Here are a few more Sound Worship images of the saints and servants:

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