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God Smashes!

March 14, 2012

God loves you so much that he will utterly demolish all obstacles in order to save you. He will smash right through the system of nature – the orderly working of the whole creation, the system that holds together all the countless stars and planets and people and archangels, which he made at the beginning and pronounced “very good” – without a second thought, if that’s what it takes to save you. In fact, it is, and he has.

He smashes right through even your own nature. Your nature, originally, hated God. So God didn’t just fix some problems with your nature, then step back to see if your nature would accept him. He annihilated your love of sin. He killed your old heart and gave you a new heart that would love him instead.

–  Greg Forster, The Joy of Calvinism: Knowing God’s Personal, Unconditional, Irresistible, Unbreakable Love 

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