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Man Up – Real Men Repent

April 12, 2012

Looking forward to sharing the Word with the brothers gathering for Man Up 2012 this weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center. Anticipating seeing over 1600 men ready to be challenged and changed by the Word of God as it calls us to Man Up.

My message will be on Repentance.  The Bible tells us that there is nothing more needful and necessary than repentance. The mere ubiquitous character and universal effect of sin demands that repentance be ever on our lips. No man could really be a man in the sight of God without coming clean with God and admitting that God is God and he is not. The man on his knees before God in admission of his sin and pleading for Christ as his Savior is the only man who can stand before God accepted, pardoned, and thus a man after God’s own heart. In other words, real men repent.

In prepping for the message I pray to deliver, it was pressed upon me once again that true repentance is life changing and life forming. It redirects the heart. It is a turning way from the desires of the world and turning to a desire for Christ. No one truly has faith in Christ without also losing faith in self and everything else. Recently, I came across the following quote by Thomas Watson on the necessarily life changing nature of repentance:

Repentance works a change in the life. Though repentance begins at the heart, it does not rest there, but goes into the life…What change did repentance make in Paul? It changed a persecutor into a preacher. What change did it make in the jailer? (Acts 16:33). He took Paul and Silas and washed their stripes, and set meat before them. What change did make in Mary Magdalene? She who before kissed her lovers with wanton embraces, now kisses Christ’s feet; she that used to curl her hair, and dress it with costly jewels, now makes it a towel to wipe Christ’s fee; her eyes that used to sparkle with lust, and with impure glances to entice her lovers, now become fountains of tears to wash her Savior’s feet; her tongue that used to speak vainly and loosely, now is an instrument set in tune to praise God.

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