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The Sea of God’s Mercy

June 12, 2012

On Tuesday morning for the last eight months, I have had the pleasure of wading through Jeremiah Burroughs’, The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment with 6 other guys.

We have been challenged and have learned so much during our study.  Burroughs is tremendously gifted at illustrating a point; leaving the reader without the excuse of misunderstanding.  The quote below is a fine example of his clarity:

“The sea of God’s mercies should swallow up all our particular afflictions.  Name any affliction that is upon you:  there is a sea of mercy to swallow it up.  If you pour a pailful of water on the floor of your house, it makes a great show, but if you throw it into the sea, there is no sign of it.  So, afflictions considered in themselves, we think are very great, but let them be considered with the sea of God’s mercies we enjoy, and then they are not so much, they are nothing in comparison.”

I can’t recommend the book enough.  As the guys can attest; it will be painful at times but learning contentment in Christ is well worth the pain of exposing how discontent you really are.

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