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Together For Adoption – Atlanta 2012

September 12, 2012

This coming weekend I have the joy of joining with Reddit Andrews, Tony Merida, Noel Piper, Leonce Crump, Dan Cruver, Shaun Groves, and others at the Together for Adoption Conference here in Atlanta, GA. There are few biblical truths that have gripped my heart in recent years more than the truth that we have been adopted by God. The import of this idea and how intently it is communicated in the Scriptures can not be overstated. Yet, this coming Friday I will try.

Below is a brief interview I did recently with Together for Adoption. I am reminded that as children of God we must be about our Father’s business. Our Heaven Father’s business is adoption and crisis care. Our’s should be too.

Many Christians find the study of theology intimidating. How would encourage them to approach an orphan care & adoption conference like our September 14-15 conference in Atlanta that both stresses theology and provides practical takeaways to better equip Christians to engage in the global orphan crisis?

Theology need not be intimidating. And conferences like Together for Adoption show us why. Theology is a beautiful discipline when it is a means to an end – the end being the worship of God with all of our lives. God never intends us to just think and talk about him. Rather he wants us to know him, through Jesus Christ, and in knowing him to live our lives in light of the knowledge we have received. Consequently, the best theology is not just taught, it is lived. It is the difference maker in our everyday decisions as we engage the world around us. T4A is a conference that not only wants us to hear about our loving God, but also to live according to the love of God we have heard – to take that knowledge of God and make a difference. When you come to a conference like this, don’t make it your goal to drink from the theological hydrant. In other words, don’t try to process everything at once. Rather, position yourself to sip from the theological cup. Listen for the Spirit to speak to your heart some important relevant theological truth and pray for Him to apply it to your heart and life today.

Can you give us a preview of what you will be preaching on in Atlanta?

I have been tasked with opening up Eph. 1:3-6.  Here we are reminded that the pre-temporal plan of God was to make known the wonders of his love through the adoption of rebellious sinners as his beloved sons and daughters. This is divine “planned parenthood.” God planned to bring us into his family, where we would call him Father, and we would be his children by grace.  No one is naturally a child of God’s love. On the contrary, Eph. 2:3 tells us that by nature we are “children of wrath.”  It is only through the richness of God’s mercy and according to his sovereign good pleasure, which he ordained before the worlds were created, that we become in time His beloved children. This is the grandest expression of love the creation as every known. We will see the magnitude of God’s love and how more than anything else, adoption pictures that love to us in the gospel of Jesus Christ. If the head of the gospel is justification, then the heart of the gospel is adoption.

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