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Fellowship and the Fair

October 9, 2012

The Bible tells us that one of the major characteristics of the church in Acts is that “all who believed were together and had all things in common” (Acts 2:44).  The general understanding of this is that in having all things in common, they brought their food, money, and possessions and shared them with all who had need. While this is true, the most important aspect to their story is that “all who believed were together.” In sharing possessions, there may not be a more critical possession than time. Our time is a great value because it is that asset which we can not get back. Every minute that passes in our life is a minute we can not recoup and thus we should be attempting to make the most of them. Admittedly, we rarely think in these terms and thus we too often find ourselves “wasting” rather than “redeeming” time (Col. 4:5). Nevertheless, our time remains precious and when we give it to the community of faith we are doing with it the most worthwhile and redemptive activity available. The Bible calls this fellowship (koinonia).  We experienced it at the fair.This past weekend, many of us from the East Point Church family traveled to the Georgia National Fair just south of Atlanta in Perry, GA. It has become a yearly excursion organized and directed by Lee and Ruth Fowler. Yet, it is more than just an excursion, it has become an extension of our fellowship and community. It is planned and prayed for. It is promoted and highly anticipated by those inside and outside the body of EPC. The blessing of what has become affectionately known as Fair Day, is in the sense of koinonia it produces.

In the run up to Fair Day, there are wonderful conversations inviting people to go, as well as the ongoing announcements and countdown to the great day. There is the yearly anticipation of the design for the Fair Day t-shirts and then getting together to have them silk-screened and ironed. There is the carpooling to Perry, the splitting up once we arrive at the fair and the anticipated mini-reunions that happen all day while we walk, mingle, and take in the sights and the sounds of the fair.  Even the day after is filled with discussion and recollections of the best and worst of the fair. All of these and more demonstrate our desire and willingness to do life together as we share our time with each other. Gospel fellowship is fellowship grounded in faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ. It happens when we sing songs together on Sunday morning. It happens as we sit in Bible Study together on Thursday evening. And it happens when we caravan to Perry GA once a year and share roasted corn-on-the-cob, chicken-on-a-stick, or watching Mutton Bustin’ together.  It happens when we realize that the reason we rejoice in sharing any of these experiences is because Jesus Christ has brought us together in Him and there is nothing I would rather do than be with those who desire to be with Him.Fair Day has come and gone, but not the fellowship. There are plenty more opportunities for us to be together and share our time in common. Although, I hear there is already conversations about next year’s Fair Day. Some people just can’t get enough. Any one want to go see the Flyin’ K-9’s with me?

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