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Fire and the Fam!

November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving is all about family!  I learned this early on. My fondest memories from our family during my childhood is when my older brothers and sisters would come home to momma’s house on Thanksgiving and we would enjoy what we considered to be the best food on the planet. We probably considered it the best because of the love with which it was prepared, and the joy with which it was shared (not to mention that it really did taste awfully good).  For my money there is no time like Thanksgiving time because more than any other time, family comes together – including and especially the family of God

This past weekend was one of these special Thanksgivings.  On Thursday we had the pleasure of hosting a dear brother and sister (and their son) from Tortola, BVI, and enjoyed their company as they shared in their first American Thanksgiving dinner and celebration. As if that was not enough, on Friday, we a took a trip to Thomaston GA and enjoyed the welcome of the Fowler family and the warmth of an old-fashioned bonfire.  That’s right, I said bonfire…and a bonfire it was!  It was high and hot!

Hotdogs, chili, marshmallows, smores, and my favorite – pecans were the evening’s fare.  Yet, more important than the food, was once again the family. Family makes Thanksgiving what it is. We thank God for all his provisions of food, shelter, health, and piece of mind. Yet more precious than them all is the warmth and welcome of family, especially the family of God. And gathered around that fire were brothers and sisters who love their Heavenly Father and thus love each other.

Thank God for the Fowler family in Thomaston GA and their willingness to open their home and big yard to their East Point Church family.  It was a Thanksgiving to remember.

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