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Blood Work: How the Blood of Christ Accomplishes our Salvation

February 14, 2013

Thankful for the gracious brothers who offered endorsements:

“Christians tend to speak of the blood of Christ either flippantly or not at all. However, in Blood Work, Anthony Carter helps us see that neither of these options is appropriate. The blood of Christ is a central biblical theme that deserves to be pondered deeply. Carter forces us to consider Christ’s atoning sacrifice and its many implications. In the end, we are left with a glorious, cross-centered, Christ-centered gospel that gets to the heart of our great need and God’s great provision. We are indeed purchased, redeemed, brought near, cleansed, sanctified, and freed by the blood of Christ. In a day awash with self-help books, it is refreshing to be reminded that we indeed cannot help ourselves, but God, through the blood of Christ, has done more than help us; He has saved us. Thank God for the blood!”

—Dr. Voddie Baucham Jr. (Pastor of preaching, Grace Family Baptist Church, Spring, TX)

“Anthony Carter has brought o our senses what many Christians have taken for granted, the precious blood of Christ. His scholarship and passion are evident. We need this book.

–Lecrae (Founder and President, ReachLife Ministries and Reach Records)

“This book will leave you in awe of the benefits of trusting in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. It is unquestionably thorough, remarkably captivating, and surprisingly clear. You’ll leave this book singing, “Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

—Bryan Loritts (Lead Pastor, Fellowship Memphis, Memphis, TN)

Blood Work“Blood Work is both theologically rich and devotional. Anthony Carter presents a refreshing pastoral reminder of what the believer has been given through the finished work of Christ Jesus. This is a must read for the new believer, as well as for those who are well into the spiritual journey.”

—Dr. Robert H. Orner (Dean of Students, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL)

“Salvation is possible only because of the shed blood of Christ. Tony Carter helps us to better understand and appreciate the full significance of this great sacrifice. This book will set Christ’s sacrifice before you and allow you to view it from angles you’ve not seen before and others you may have seen but not fully appreciated. This is a great compact book that goes deep on a subject we can’t talk about enough and for which we will never be able to thank God enough.”

—Vermon Pierre (Lead Pastor, Roosevelt Community Church, Phoenix, AZ)

“Blood. It is considered unpleasant to discuss. We are tempted to mark any talk of it from our manuscripts before we approach the pulpit. We purpose ourselves to talk around it when ‘reaching out’ to unbelieving friends. Yet, it is the blood of Christ that cries out ‘Adopted, forgiven, free, empowered, entrusted, and kept’ to our broken souls. With this work, my brother Anthony Carter reminds us, though we may attempt to camouflage its role in every aspect of life in Christ, that the blood will never lose its power. If we try to diminish it, we will certainly lose sight of the power it possesses to fundamentally alter our lives, and the lives of those we wish to reach.”

—Leonce B. Crump II (Pastor, Renovation Church, Atlanta, GA)

Blood Work is available where most books are sold.  AmazonLigonierReformation Heritage BooksWestminster Books, and others. Digital copies are available here as well.

(Shout out to WenDeezy Productions for the video!)

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