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Writing (and Reading) Leave

April 15, 2013

Today I begin a couple of weeks of writing leave. I look forward to spending some intentional (and relatively uninterrupted) time making significant progress on a couple of writing projects.  I am thankful for the leadership of East Point Church, who graciously encourages me to take this time, and for the church body who offer prayers and support.

Yet, during my leave I not only write, but I also read. I know of no writer who is not also a reader. Reading not only trains my mind and challenges my heart, but it also inspires me to write. Therefore, over this brief break I hope to read a couple of books, which recently came to my desk. I am excited about these two volumes because they are on subjects that interest me.

Gospel of Freedom: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail and the Struggle that Changed a Nation by Jonathan Rieder.  One the most important social editorials ever written, Dr. King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail continues to be the seminal statement of the Civil Rights Movement, and the heart of a man committed to the rights and freedom of all people. As one ever interested in Civil Rights history, I welcome the opportunity to explore more deeply the importance of this letter and the context and concerns that brought the content of the letter to the public arena. “I Have a Dream” Speech may be more memorable, but the Letter from Birmingham Jail was equally, if not more, important.

Jesus on Every Page: Ten Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament.  This book is written by my friend David Murray, a Pastor and a Professor of Old Testament. I have great appreciation for the labors of Dr. Murray and his heart for teaching the Old Testament in ways that make the Scriptures clear and engaging. As one who loves to preach from the Old Testament, I am really looking forward to David teaching me even more profitable ways of discovering and proclaiming Christ from all the Scriptures. This book is not yet published, but David has given me the honor of reading an advance copy, and I can’t wait.

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