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The Question is the Answer!

April 25, 2013



Yesterday evening I had the awesome privilege of speaking at a fundraising banquet for Covenant Care Services.  We are excited about our growing relationship with CCS, both as a church and a family. Being on the front lines for life is crucial at this time. With the ever-present danger of terrorist threats, both domestic and foreign, we are still reminded that the greatest terrorists are the government sanctioned abortion clinics in our communities. Everyday they sacrifice lives on the altars of convenience, ignorance, and unrighteousness.  And yet, the greatest weapon the church and individual Christians have is the weapon of love – love for the unborn and the pregnant mothers cornered and confused by the lies and propaganda of the abortion industry.

The theme of the banquet was “That’s Amore!” As the banquet unfolded and we heard the testimonies of those who chose to give life, I was reminded of the difference that each of us can make if we would do the loving thing and embrace the call to give of our time, treasure, and talent to organizations like Covenant Care. Lives are not only being saved, but they are being changed by the grace and love of God showed to the least of these. We must be a people and a church that desires to celebrate life, both in the already and the not yet (Jn. 10:10).

As I was preparing for my time at the banquet and was meditating on the theme of love, I came across a poem written by a teenager who had been adopted and yet came to know the love of a mother that grows in the heart even if the child did not grow in her tummy.  It encouraged me and reminded me that we make a difference for now and eternity whether we adopt, foster, or support and sponsor those individuals and organizations that do.  The poem is called “The Question.”  The question for the evening was, “What is love?”  The answer is found in “the question”:

The Question by Gabe Myers

I’ve grown so much but you weren’t here 

To hold me console me or fight my fear

I wanted to know what was wrong with me

Where should I have grown up, where should I be

There has never been a day gone by

I don’t ask myself the question why

The constant filling of my heart with doubt

It was a secret to never be let out

Who exactly was my mother?

Then it dawned on me it could be no other,

Than the one who had loved all my life

The one who will be there through all my strife

The one who held me when I was scared

The one who I could always count on and always cared

It didn’t matter that I never came from your tummy

The point is you’re the one I will always call Mommy

Thank you Covenant Care, for all you do for the glory of Christ and the spread of his kingdom. That’s Amore!




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